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Pokemon Black/White

Maybe with the new games coming out, this group will get more active, I have Pokemon Black and my Friendcode is - 4126 4282 0958

Anyone have White? Friendcodes to share? My BF has White, and I'm sure I can get him to post his friendcode sometime :)

I have need of assistance

I don't remember how to EV train, and the guides on gamefaqs confuse the crap out of me o_o can anyone give me some help, I wanna make my Rotom more powerful, strong enough to stand up against Legendaries kind of strong ^_^

pokegear + gaga

I saw this in another comm and thought the Gaga and Pokemanz would be appreciated here.

Joey, the way you blowin' up my Gear won't make me leave no fastuh,
return my 'mon no fastuh,
leave the Gym no fastuh,
I shoulda left my Gear at home 'cause this is a disastuh!
Callin' up like my mothuh,
Sorry: I cannot answuh!

Not that I don't like you, I'm just at a Gym, eh,
And I am sick and tired of my Gear ri-ringing
Sometimes I feel like I live in Magnet Train Station
Tonight I'm not takin' no calls 'cause I'll be trainin'
'Cause I'll be trainin'
'Cause I'll be trainin'
Tonight I'm not takin' no calls 'cause I'll be trainin'!

Pokemons :O

my Heart gold Code is - 2150 0476 1160
my Diamond code is - 5112 0019 6721

Feel free to add me and we can trade/battle or something :) I'm not fully awesome in HG yet, but I have a pretty handy dandy Diamond team, my mate kicks my butt constantly, and I mean -CONSTANTLY- at the pokemons, but, I still give it hell, lol.

Soul Silver

I got mine yesterday.

And I got my friend code.


Anyone else?


Does anyone happen to have a Shiny Ponyta or Staryu or a foreign Ditto just chilling around?  Or by any chance a a swinub that knows ancient power? 

For interactivity:

Do you have a shiny pokemanz? Did you catch it the legit way or hack it? 

thank you for your time.

Jirachi event at Gamestop

I have received information confirming the details I posted on January 10th, confirming that the Jirachi Event is to be given in Gamestop at the end of February. Specifically, the Jirachi will be given from February 27th 2010 to March 13th 2010. This Jirachi knows the special Dragon move; Draco Meteor and when traded to HeartGold & SoulSilver, it unlocks the special Edge of the Night's Sky Pokéwalker course. It is still not currently known if it will be given over WiFi and it's possible that these dates shall change. Click the picture to go to the Edge of the Night's Sky listing.

So gaypokefolks, will you be getting a Jirachi at gamestop?  Did you get shiny pichu?
thank you for your time.Collapse )

Shiny Pichu Event at Gamestop

Shiny Pichu American event
Just heard from a friend that Gamestop is hosting an event between Jan 30th and Feb 14th that gives away a shiny Pichu.

'Someone let the Delcatty out of the bag a bit too early as a deleted post from the official Pokemon website revealed GameStop will be distributing a Shiny Pichu starting January 30th. Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum players can grab the little guy to unlock another unique Pokemon that's only available in the upcoming Heart Gold and Soul Silver titles.


As for Shiny Pichu itself, it is used to unlock the Spiky-Eared Pichu in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver...'

More info at Neoseekers

Pokemon website article

So gaypokefolks, are you gonna get yourself a shiny pichu? I am def gonna brave looking like a geek at Gamestop with a bunch of kids to get one! Have you ever gotten any event pokemon before? this will be my first!

For your time:

Pokemon Heart & Soul

So I just heard about Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver. I may have to get the new version to get a haunter to follow me around. :)