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Nintendo Event

Now through July 19 you can get the Secret Key that unlocks Rotom’s various forms. Here is the link.


PS: noodlesandbeef, What ever happened to the gay Ursaring?

Pokemon Scramble

Hey PokePeeps.

I saw this new WiiWare pokemon game, and thought yal might like to see it.


#475 Gallade

I think I have found the best Pokemon to use for capturing, #475 Gallade. It can get Mean Look, False Swipe, and Hypnosis. To get all the moves you have to breed a male Ralts with Mean look as an Egg Move. I used a Gastly. Level the Ralts to 50 to get hypnosis, this gives you plenty of time to use EVs to boots its speed and attack. Once it hits 50 let it evolve to Kirlia, then use the dawn stone to evolve it to Gallage. Now you can either use a TM to give it False Swipe or go to the Move Relearner. Three more levels will get you Close Combat if you want a bad ass Fighting move. You could instead learn Sword Dance (Move Relearner) or Bulk Up (TM08), but then you would have no move to defeat enemies with on this pokemon.


Anyone out there with Pearl/Diamond/Platinum interested in battling/trading/discussing?

Austin: 1676 9727 9081
Hit me up!


Why is there no discussion yet? :P

Maybe it's the tweaks made or maybe it's because I've played Diamond, but the game seems a bit smoother this time around.

Feb. 9th, 2009

I have my Shaymin. Do you have yours?

Toys "R" Us Giveaways

Looks like there are two new giveaways (hosted at participating Toys "R" Us) coming out in the next few months.

First is a Shaymin. It will be in a Cherish Ball and will know Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute and Energy Ball and will hold a Micle Berry. The event runs February 8th through the 14th. There is a poster that is leaked (or available).

The second is a Regigigas and is tied to the release of Pokemon Platinum. It will be in a Cherish Ball, as well, but will be level 100 holding a Custap Berry and will know the moves Crush Grip, Icy Wind, Iron Head and Rock Slide (moves that can only be learned through tutors in Platinum). The event will March 8th through the 21st, with Pokemon Platinum being released on the 22nd. Here is an information poster...

The Regigigas is also capable of unlocking special locations in Pokemon Platinum where players may catch the legendary Pokemon Regice, Registeel and Regirock at level 30. You can then use the three pokemon to awaken the Regigigas found at the Snowpoint Temple. In Platinum, the Regigigas will be level 1!

Happy Hunting and Training!

PokeScam (Cross-Posted)

So I was Journal hopping on LJ (looking for dirty Icons) and on some ones profile page I saw an add for an online version of Pokemon (seen below). Immediately the language of the ad made me suspicious. “Even the shiny ones” didn’t sound like something any one who knew about pokemon would put in an ad. All the recent games have shiny pokemon so the only notable change would be if there was a higher ratio of shinies or if the shinies had been omitted. And I had not heard anything about a pokemon MMORPG through the grape vine and if there was one I would have heard about it. But I had to look, so I clicked on the ad.

This page is obviously advertising a scam. They have edited screen shots of pokemon Red/Green. I know Cerulean City when I see it. (That’s kinda sad.) And they want you to download and install Zango. Which I know is bad news.

Online Pokemon Game Download

Wiki entry on Zango


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